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Your Analytics Expert and the secret weapon for your next launch

Helping coaches, course creators and experts who are ready to use data to level up their results


I get it, launches are totally your thing and you’re a total PRO at them. 

✔️ You have your team 
✔️ You have your marketing all set up
✔️ You have your promotion schedule mapped out to a ‘T’
✔️ You even have a performance tracking document. Woohoo!

But you keep asking yourself after every launch...

Could this launch have made me more money? 

If there was a way for you to feel confident and in control, that all the actions taken will lead to a successful launch time after time.

Would you feel empowered to invest in getting the data you need to have clarity and control of the performance of your launches and get bigger results and impact more people? 

If that’s a Yasss, I’m ready!

 Then let’s work together to get you there!

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Hey, I’m Karla Zamora, Founder of Fresh Metrics

I provide coaches, course creators and experts like YOU  - clear, comprehensive and concise data on the performance of your launches throughout the launch process, so that you can feel confident making decisions about where to invest your time, money and effort.

 If you’re ready to say bye-bye to the question…

Could my launch have been more successful?

Then you’re in the right place.

Let’s work together to get you the results you deserve, book a FREE discovery call and let’ make your next launch the best one yet!

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